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 Bathroom solutions tailored to your requirements

Our Process

Our simple, yet effective, four step process provides a complete solution for your bathroom remodeling project!


The first step will be to meet in our showroom and conduct an initial complimentary consultation to discuss your project scope, timing, and general requirements. Based on the information you provide, we will give you a preliminary budget range. An in-home visit will be scheduled to inspect and measure the space. During the home meeting, we will discuss options for improving the space.

Scope and Budget

After we conduct an in-home visit, the general contractor will produce a construction proposal and we will develop a detailed estimated product budget. We will review the construction proposal and product budget in the showroom, refine as necessary, and finalize the budget. If the budget fits with your plans, we are ready to move forward!

Design and Plan

Now the fun starts! After drawing the space using our CAD tools, we guide you though the selection of all products and plan the layout of space. We have everything you need conveniently located in our showroom, including cabinetry, countertops, tile, plumbing, and accessories. At our last design meeting, we finalize all elements of the project and define a targeted start date.


Once we order everything for your project, we coordinate all product deliveries, templating, and installation activities. Our operations team works with you and your general contractor to make sure the project implementation is handled as smoothly as possible!

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