Bathroom solutions tailored to your requirements

Our Process

Our simple, yet effective, four-step process provides a complete solution for your bathroom remodeling project!


Each of our steps can be conducted through meetings at the showroom or through a series of phone calls, video calls, and email (when Remote Design is the preferred method) or a combination of both. We will tailor the steps to match what is best for you!


The first step will be to meet in our showroom or have a phone or video call to conduct an initial complimentary consultation.  We will discuss your project scope, timing, and general requirements. Based on the information you provide, we will give you a preliminary budget range.

Scope and Budget

An in-home visit will be scheduled to inspect and measure the space. If we are designing remotely, we will ask you to provide measure-ments and participate in a video call with the contractor. During the home visit, we will discuss your preferences and options for improving the space.


The general contractor will produce a construction proposal and we will develop a detailed estimated product budget. We will review the construction proposal and product budget with you in the showroom or through a video call, refine as necessary, and finalize the budget.

Our goal is to produce a realistic product budget and construction proposal so you can feel comfortable moving forward with the project. If the budget fits with your plans, we are ready to move forward!

Design and Plan

Now the fun starts! After drawing the space using our CAD tools, we guide you though the selection of all products and plan the layout of space. We have everything you need conveniently located in our showroom, including cabinetry, countertops, tile, plumbing, and accessories. 


If we are doing Remote Design, we will show you items through a video call, recommend products that will work together, and deliver samples to your home. At our last design meeting, we finalize all elements of the project and define a targeted start date.


Once we order everything for your project, we coordinate all product deliveries, templating, and installation activities. Our operations team works with you and your general contractor to make sure the project implementation is handled as smoothly as possible!


Different solutions for

different needs 


We recognize that not all bathroom remodels are created equal! To better serve you, we have solutions for the most common types of bathroom remodels.

Full Bathroom Remodel

Full Bathroom Remodel with new layout:

Many bathrooms can benefit from a new layout that reduces wasted space, provides more storage, improves functionality, and expands the shower space. Our design team members work with you to redesign the space to meet your requirements.

Partial Bathroom Remodel

Tub / Shower area:

Many homeowners have a bathroom that only needs remodeling in the tub / shower area -- either eliminating the tub and replacing it with a walk-in shower or updating the tub / shower area with new plumbing, tile, and shower glass.

Vanity area:

Another popular partial remodel is updating just the vanity area: replacing the cabinet, countertop, sink, faucet, and accessories. and accessories.

Full Bathroom Remodel with same layout:

The most popular bathroom remodel is a complete replacement of all items, keeping the existing layout or making small layout adjustments, such as expanding a shower or eliminating a tub completely.


 Bathroom remodeling products for every style

and budget

Bathroom Products

From industry leading manufacturers to smaller artisan companies, we offer products for every aspect of your bathroom remodeling project!


We offer a wide variety of semi-custom and custom cabinetry products in a variety of wood species, door styles, and stain/paint colors. We match the cabinetry line with your requirements and budget.


Our excellent selection of bathroom sinks includes stone, glass, ceramic, and metal sinks in undermount, drop-in, and vessel styles. 


Let your style come through in your choice of faucetry! Whether you want the contemporary look or prefer something more traditional, we can find the perfect faucetry for your new bathroom.

Surfacing Materials

We offer a wide selection of surfacing materials including slab (usually manufactured quartz for countertop and tub deck), floor and shower tile, and decorative mosaic tiles.


We carry a broad line of tubs, from standard family bathroom tubs to deep soaker tubs to fully loaded  models with whirlpool and chromatherapy. 

Shower Systems

Extend your showering enjoyment with a new luxury shower system, including hand showers, steam, multi-function shower heads, and rain heads. We will show you how to create a shower retreat! Popular options include frameless shower glass and nearly invisible linear drains.


Complete your new bathroom with accessories such as towel warmers, towel racks, framed mirrors, heated floors, lighting, knobs / pulls, and medicine cabinets. 

 Certified contractors ready to build your new bathroom 

Contractor Network

Finding a qualified and dependable contractor can be a difficult and time consuming process. With our Certified Contractor Network, we make this task simple!


Certified Contractors

We offer a network of Certified General Contractors that are available to complete your project. 

Before adding a new contractor to our network, we review several key aspects of their business, including:

  • State Board License status

  • Years in business

  • Operational / contract management

  • Employees

  • General liability insurance coverage

  • Worker's compensation insurance 

  • Feedback from previous customers

Our certified contractors have a proven track record, completing hundreds of projects with us.

Already have a contractor?

No problem! We love meeting new contractors and working with them to complete your project.

Once we have designed your bathroom, we will ask your contractor to come to our showroom so we can go over the details and explain our process. This project meeting with your contractor helps to insure a smooth implementation!