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Four Bathroom Remodels, One House

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Remodeling a bathroom can be a huge deal for the homeowner. This homeowner decided to remodel all four of their bathrooms, one right after the other. They remodeled the Master Bathroom with an updated look. New vanities with extra storage were added, a tower was placed on top of the countertop for even more storage, and the shower was reconfigured to provide more space. The same decorative tile was placed on the backsplash of the vanity, within in the shower area, and along the back splash of the tub area. The Family Bath was updated with everything new, including a wall-hung toilet. The Powder Bath had a very striking vessel glass sink installed on top of their new vanity. A wall-hung toilet was also added to this bathroom. Finally, the Pool Bath was remodeled with a very nice beach essence, with blue cabinets and an elegant faucet. The homeowners are very proud of all of their newly remodeled bathrooms and they invited all of their friends and family to come see them!



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