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Accessible Bathroom

This layout in Castro Valley started off as a small bathroom and very large laundry room across the hall. We helped the customer create a layout where we switched the locations of the rooms, where the laundry room was placed in the smaller area and the bathroom was placed in the larger area. With the larger area as the guest bath, we were able to design a shower area that was wheelchair accessible. The shower entrance did not have a curb, a bench seat with grab bars around it created an accessible space in the shower, and a hand shower was placed on a bar. The toilet was a wall-hung toilet, where the tank system is built within the wall. This allowed more space in front of the toilet. Grab bars were placed around the toilet for convenience. A washlet toilet seat was connected to the toilet plumbing and could be controlled with a remote. The laundry room had space for cabinetry up above the washer and dryer as well as shelving within the wall next to it. This created a tremendous amount of storage space. Overall, everything was designed to create an accessible, comfortable, and convenient space.



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