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Bathroom Remodeling Basics

A quick look at today’s bathroom remodeling project

Many homeowners begin the bathroom remodeling process by looking at home design magazines and visiting home improvement stores to get ideas and formulate an overall vision. As you begin to explore the multitude of options available today, the first step is to identify all of your requirements for the space, including:

· Do you have enough space for all of the components you want in your new bathroom?

· How much storage do you need and where?

· What size and type of shower do you want?

· Do you want a soaker, whirlpool, or air tub?

· What type of overall style and feel are you looking to achieve?

· Do you want to add heated floors, towel warmers, or a steam shower?

After defining your requirements, detailed attention should be given to space planning. If more space is desired for, say, a larger shower, additional storage, or a separate room for the toilet, there may be opportunities to expand the bathroom by annexing a closet or other adjacent space; sometimes, just redesigning the existing space may meet your requirements without taking space from other areas. Location and size of windows should be considered so that you can bring in as much natural light as possible while maintaining privacy.

Product selection is the next step and will require a review of many items, including:

· Tub: When selecting a tub, consider size, shape, hydrotherapy options, style, warranty, and cost.

· Shower: Today’s shower systems can contain multiple shower outlets, including rain heads, hand showers, and body sprays.

· Cabinetry: Cabinetry in today’s bathroom can be anything from built-in “stock” cabinets to elegant furniture-style. Storage requirements and style preferences should dictate your choice.

· Tile / Surfacing materials: The walls, floors and countertops of the bathroom have a significant impact on the overall look of the space. These choices should be made with aesthetic and maintenance aspects in mind.


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