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Our one-stop solution just got better with Remote Design!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

The Bath Studio is happy to announce our Remote Design process, a new option where we conduct video conference calls for all activities traditionally scheduled in our showroom or through in-person meetings!

Initial Consultation

The first step will be to have a phone or video call to discuss your project scope, timing, goals, and requirements. Based on the information provided, we will give you a preliminary project budget range and estimated duration.

Scope and Budget To establish a customized budget for your project, we will ask you to submit some photos, provide key measurements, and participate in a video call with the contractor to discuss your requirements. Our next steps include: • General contractor produces a construction proposal • We develop an estimated product budget • Conduct a video call to review and refine requirements and budget

Design Space Planning/Drawings Product Selection

Now the fun begins! We recommend you collect pictures of designs you like and share them with us (Houzz, Pinterest, other). We will explore the style and element preferences you want during the next video call.

Each project will require two primary design activities through video calls:

• Space Planning/Drawings: We use CAD software to draw your existing space and optional layouts (if applicable). We will review, revise, and finalize the plans with you through a video call.

• Product Selection: Next, we guide you through product selection through a video call, showing you products from our showroom while also providing product education and recommendations. To insure you love your product choices, we will deliver the samples to your home!

Our video last meeting will be to review and finalize the drawings and product order and establish a targeted start date!

If you are ready to start on your bathroom remodeling project, call us today to learn more about our Remote Design process and how we can help you achieve your remodeling goal!


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