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Before and After Family & Guest Bathrooms

Another successful bathroom remodel completed for our customer in San Ramon. They wanted their two bathrooms remodeled and their hallway linen and laundry room to have new cabinets added to match the bathrooms. The upstairs family bathroom had a soffit that was removed and a bathtub that was replaced. They wanted frameless glass added to the bathtub, but only enough to cover the opening partially and the shower door would swing out into the bathroom. The vanity drawers also had organizer dividers added for beneficial use of space. The undermount sink was glass and had LED lights added around the edge to provide a night-light. The downstairs guest bathroom also had a soffit that needed to be removed and a shower to be replaced. They chose a glass vessel sink to be mounted on their new countertop. The shower had a niche added for storage and the shower pan had a cute designer drain of a sea turtle added. Finally they wanted the hallway linen area to be replaced with a tall linen using the same cabinets as the bathrooms. The laundry room had cabinets added above the washer and dryer for better storage use. Overall, they have better storage space to use and brand new bathrooms to live in.


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