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Newly Remodeled Kitchen

The kitchen is where family comes together, where people provide for their loved ones, and where creativity can be inspired. It's important for this space to be updated and functional for each unique household. This kitchen was very unorganized and dysfunctional by the way it was originally constructed. The customer wanted all new appliances, so it was a good opportunity to recreate functional storage and utilize the space for convenience. We advised to remove the upper cabinets above the island and move the refrigerator to where the ovens were previously. Moving the fridge enabled larger countertop space and created more storage space in the cabinets surrounding the new fridge and new oven location. The cooktop was added to the island with a popup vent and deep drawers underneath for storage of pots and pans. A drawer microwave was also added to the side of the island, so that no appliance was taking over countertop space. The bar was also redone to match the new kitchen cabinets and provide an overall updated look. Decorative tile was added as the backsplash in both areas to tie them together. The customer was very satisfied and excited to host family meals in their new kitchen.


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