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Ideal Family Bathroom

The family bathroom in any home is one of the most important, and most used, rooms within the household. This bathroom was designed for all ages and purposes. Grab bars were added near the tub spout and entrance of the tub for stability and easy access into the tub. A swinging, frameless glass was added around the bathtub to allow the entire tub to be accessible from the outside as well as to keep the warm steam inside. The hand shower fixture was placed on a wall bar in order to adjust the height for each shower user. The hand shower can spray water in all directions, which is useful especially for cleaning the tub area. A large niche was added alongside the tub to store shampoos and soaps to be easily reached from within the tub. The vanity area was designed for all storage purposes. It was built at the standard height of 36", with an undermount sink for easy clean up when wiping up around it. The decorative tile along the vanity matches the shower tile and the tub tile to tie the design of the two areas together. A large framed mirror and light sit above the vanity to provide a well lit area to see oneself. Recessed can lights were also added on the ceiling for extra lighting in all areas of the bathroom. Overall, this design within the family bath is highly functional and recommended.


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