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Newly Remodeled Bathroom

This new master bathroom was another successful transformation from beginning to end. The customer's layout included two vanities, a walled-in shower area, and a huge tub deck. They wanted a whole new style applied to the entire bathroom using a natural stone look. They wanted more storage space in their vanities and an updated shower area. They also wanted to be rid of the never used and outdated tub space all together since it restricted them from enjoying the view from their windows that overlooked the hills. The customer wanted to create a bigger and more open shower rather than feel closed in by the wall that was in between the shower and vanity. Getting rid of the tub allowed them more accessibility to the area and created a more welcoming environment for them to really enjoy their bathroom in which they wanted to spend more time. The customer said that they were very happy with their product selections as well as their experience working with the contractor.


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